Adachiara Zevi

Born in Rome, she graduated in Architecture from the Università di Roma 'La Sapienza' and she furthered her studies in Art History at Bologna, Florence and New York, where she obtained a Fulbright scholarship at Columbia University. She has taught Art History at the fine art academies of Macerata, Florence, Bologna, Milan, Palermo and Naples. Her university commitment ran parallel to her work on promoting and curating exhibitions, catalogues and monographs on the work of Italian and international artists such as Enrico Castellani, Piero Dorazio, Jannis Kounellis, Dan Graham and Sol Lewitt. Her focus on the relationship between art, architecture and memory took shape in works such as "Monumenti per difetto. Dalle Fosse Ardeatine alle pietre d'inciampo" (Donzelli, 2014), in editorial projects like the "Spazi/Arte" column between 1989 and 2005 in "L'architettura – cronache e storia" magazine (RCS, Milano) and in the creation of initiatives such as 'Memorie d'inciampo' to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. She has been president of the arteinmemoria association since 2012.

(photo: © Giliola Chistè)

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