Andrea Antinori

Young and old alike who have dreamt in front of his personal interpretations of the animal world will certainly have heard the name of Andrea Antinori. Born in Recanati in 1992, the young Italian illustrator trained at the ISIA in Urbino and the Escola Massana in Barcelona. Since then he has worked with several publishing houses, and in 2015 he published his first book with Corraini, "Questo è un alce?". 2016 saw the release of "Un libro sulle balene", a book that uses beautiful pencil illustrations to reconstruct different types, attitudes and legends about one of the most incredible creatures on the planet, sung in all the myths (and written in the literary classics) of human history. In 2017, Antinori was selected among the illustrators whose work was exhibited at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, winning - together with the publishing house Biancoenero and the author Vincent Cuvellier - the Premio Andersen for 'best book ages 6/9'. Abroad, he has worked with the Parisian gallery Les Artychauts and the English magazine "Create".

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