Andrea Molesini

«I was born and grew up in a place carved in the slowness, made up of the smallest spaces, narrow streets, houses that touch each other, tourists that clog up the sottoporteghi, boats in the canals which pass each other without touching». Born in Venice in 1954, he has written and translated a number of children's books, a non-fiction work on the Holocaust ("Nero latte dell'alba") and novels, stories and poetry collections. he is one of the most well-known, and most translated, Italian children's authors. Using high-quality prose, he creates stories filled with humour, adventure and imagination. He is a two time winner of the Premio Andersen (in 1990 for the book "Quando ai veneziani crebbe la coda" and in 1999 for a career achievement award), he has translated poetry by Ezra Pound, Charles Simic and Derek Walcott, winning the 2008 Premio Monselice for translation. With "Non tutti i bastardi sono di Vienna" (2010), winner of the 2011 Premio Campiello and Premio Comisso, he tells a story of pride, patriotism, hatred and love against the backdrop of the First World War. Four more novels for adults followed, the most recent being "La solitudine dell'assassino" (2016). In "All'ombra del lungo cammino" (2017) he narrated the friendship and dreamed escapes of two children (one Jewish, the other a gypsy) imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp.

(foto: © Leonardo Cendamo)

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