Anna Meldolesi

Anna Meldolesi is an Italian scientific journalist. She graduated in Biology from Bologna and holds a Master in Science Communication at SISSA in Trieste. In 2016, she won the Capo D'orlando Prize; she has previously been awarded the Marino Golinelli-European Award for Journalism in Genetics (2000) and the Anima Prize for journalism (2012). She writes about culture and current scientific developments in her columns for the "Corriere della Sera" and her articles are collected in the blog "Lost in Galapagos". She was a co-founder of "Darwin" magazine and a collaborator with "Nature Biotechnology". Her recent works include: "Mai nate" (2011), which tackles the long-standing and often unacknowledged genocide which has struck women in entire cultures; "Elogio della nuditá" (2015), a journey is six true stories that have marked the epochs of humanity; "E l'uomo creo l'uomo" (2017), an essay exploring the revolutionary CRISPR genetic manipulation technique and its implications in the worlds of medicine and agriculture.

(photo: Official Blog)

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