Antonio Prete

A poet, translator and literary critic, Antonio Prete was born in 1939 in Copertino, in the province of Lecce. In the 1950s he studied in Milan, graduating in literature at the Università Cattolica and specialising in Italian philology at the Statale. He has taught comparative literature at the Università di Siena and he has given courses and lectures at prestigious universities abroad, including Canterbury, Montpellier and the universities of Yale and Salamanca. He is considered one of the leading international experts on the work of Charles Baudelaire, Edmond Jabès and Giacomo Leopardi. He has completed two monographs on Leopardi ("Il pensiero poetante" and "Finitudine e Infinito"), as well as examining the poet's literacy legacy in "Meditazioni sul poetico" (2013) and "Il cielo nascosto" (2016). In the essay "Compassione" (2013) he traced the use of the fundamental feeling in the history of western literature, from Dante's Middle Ages to the Paris of Baudelaire.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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