Artemis Cooper

«I enjoy writing biographies, it gives you the sense of living another life and lets you reflect on memory and the memories of people». Born in 1953 in London, Artemis Cooper attended St Hugh's College Oxford and has taught English. Her first book, published in 1983, was inspired by the love letters of her grandparents: the resulting "A Durable Fire. The Letters of Duff and Diana Cooper", an epistolary novel which reflects a passion that never died down for the duration of a long marriage. In her second novel, "Watching in the Dark", Cooper tackled the difficult family situation following the sudden hospitalisation of a young daughter. The real turning point of her writing is accomplished thanks to his literary biographies, in which he manages to find her preferred expressive register. Whereas "Writing at the Kitchen Table" (1999) was based on the life of the food writer Elizabeth David and "Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure" (2011) retraced the steps of the famed British writer and traveller, "Elizabeth Jane Howard: A Dangerous Innocence" (2016) – hailed by criticas as an «unexpected gem. Exciting and unique» – goes beyond the classic portrait of a femme fatale that came with Howard's dazzling beauty, and offers an image of a fragile and sensitive woman.

(photo: Official Website)

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