Arturo Pérez-Reverte

"Pérez-Reverte is a skilful constructor of character who appear before our eyes and are convincing in everything that they say and do." ("El Pais"). A prominent name in contemporary Spanish literature (Cartagena, 1951), after working for twenty years as a war reporter for newspapers, radio and television, he worked almost exclusively as a novelist since the second half of the nineties. He is one of the leading contributors to "XLSemanal", one of the most popular supplements in the Spanish press, being distributed simultaneously in 25 newspapers. Several of his best-sellers, narratively perfectly and thoroughly researched, have become publishing sensations translated into more than forty languages, particularly the triptych "The Fencing Master" (1988), "The Flanders Panel" (1990) and "The Club Dumas" (1993, which became the basis for the Roman Pola≈Ñski film "The Ninth Gate"), as are his books on the adventures of Capitan Alatriste, a seventeenth century Spanish swordsman and warrior, portrayed on the big screen by Viggo Mortensen, who has enchanted readers all over the world since his first appearance in 1996. After "El tango de la guardia vieja" (2012), "El francotirador paciente" (2013) and "Hombres buenos" (2015), Rizzoli published "Il codice dello scorpione", a spy novel set in the Spanish Civil War. Pérez-Reverte has been a member of the Real Academia Española since 2003 and he is a co-founder and editor of the book and author network Zenda.

(photo: © Leonardo Cendamo)

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