Babilonia Teatri

The Babilonia Teatri company is directed by Enrico Castellani and Valeria Raimondi, made up of Luca Scotton and Alice Castellani and collaborates with Vincenzo Todesco, Gianni Volpe, Francesco Speri, Marco Olivieri, Olga Bercini and the Gli amici di Luca company. Considered one of the most innovative contemporary theatre companies, with fourteen original shows (they have been working on "Purgatorio" since 2016), they have established themselves on the Italian scene with their irreverent look on modern life. Their unconventional style uses theatre as a mirror of society and reality. The need and urgency of questioning move through the clever use of new visual and linguistic codes, letting conflict and tension emerge, with irony, cynicism, affection and indignation. Among their many awards, they have won two Premi Ubu, the Premio Vertigine, the Premio Hystrio for Drama, the Premio Franco Enriquez for civil engagement and the Premio Associazione Nazionale dei Critici di Teatro. It is based in Oppeano, Le merle (Verona).

(photo: Official Website)

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