Choman Hardi

From Iraqi Kurdistan, Choman Haria grew up between the Iraq and Iran and, in 1993, she moved to the United Kingdom. She studied at the Queens College of Oxford, University College London and later at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Poet, writer and researcher, in his verses, she has immortalised the persecutions commuted by Saddam Hussein's regime against the Kurds, the reverberations of the war in the memory of her people, the suffering of the stateless. In 2004, she published a series of poems in English, and she the youngest poet to be read in renowned editorial project 'Poems on the Underground'. She has long spent time promoting culture in the small villages and big cities of her native country. In 2005, she received an award from the Foundation Leverhlume for her studies on the widows of the genocide committed in Kurdistan and in Israel. Between 2006 and 2007, she worked to reduce gender discrimination in the Arab countries and make women aware of their rights. "La crudeltà ci colse di sorpresa" (2017) is her first collection of poems released in Italy, each page evoking war and the indelible scars that it leaves on the skin of survivors.

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