Christophe Boltanski

«We were afraid. Of everything, of nothing, of others, of ourselves»: this is the childhood of Christophe Boltanski, a French journalist, intellectual and writer, a descendant of a Jewish family that survived the Holocaust. Born in 1962, Boltanski has been sent to the Persian Gulf and Jerusalem as a war reporter. Despite his career as a travelling journalist, his youth, examined in the book "Il nascondiglio" (winner of the 2015 Prix Fémina), which was lived within the walls of the family home, a considerable which protected his grandparents. Cristophe, like his brothers, never left that house and did not attend state school, and was homeschooled by his aunts, uncles and grandparents who were writers and artists. "Il nascondiglio" is not a simple family memoir, it is also the tale of a fear that «held the family together like a concrete block» and, at the same time, it is an «ode to memory» which opens up a reflection on the Holocaust of Jews in Europe.

(photo: Twitter @cboltanski)

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