Clark Lawrence

Born 1969 in Manassas (Virginia), Clark Anthony Lawrence graduated in Human Ecology in 1992 at the College of the Atlantic (Bar Harbor, Maine). His studying art often took him to Greece and Italy where he has lived since 1996, year in which he founded 'Reading Retreats in Rural Italy', a cultural association organizing exhibitions, concerts and shows involving thousands of people all over the world. Over the last 20 year, by chance and driven by his passion, he has become a gardener. He writes for the English quarterly magazine "Hortus", published by David Wheeler. His garden in Castello di Galeazza was reviewed in the magazines "Giardino Antico" e "Rosanova" and showed in "Fuga dalla città" on Leonardo TV. After the 2012 earthquake, which destroyed the castle and part of the garden, with the help of Italian and foreign friends he carried away his 6000 books, 200 paintings, 3 pianos, one thousand plants and seven Tibetan goats and moved first to Corte Eremo, near Mantua, where the association resumed its activity; then in Borgo Virgilio, where he created La Macchina Fissa.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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