Clemens Meyer

«I wouldn't be what I am if I hadn't grown up as a child of the street, to use a somewhat melodramatic expression. I learned the style of my writing there. My friends down at the pub recognised me as a storyteller». With his "Als wir traumten", translated into Italian for the first time in 2016 with the title "Eravamo dei grandissimi", the young German author (Halle, 1977) follows the lives of his protagonists (Daniel, Mark, Paul and Rico) from a DDR that was the kingdom of their childhood to a painful adolescence in a unified Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall, weaving in an admiral mixture of the broken hopes and dreams of four "ex-pioneers" and those of a whole generation which grew up after "die Wende". Following the extraordinary success of his first novel, which continues to be translated and read in more countries (and which was the basis of Andreas Dresen's film of the same name presented at the 65th Berlinale), Meyer has established himself as one of the most promising authors on the European scene and has published several works, including "Die Nacht, die Lichter. Stories" (2008), which won the Leipziger Buchmesse prize, "Gewalten. Ein Tagebuch" (2010) and "Im Stein" (2013), finalist at the Deutscher Buchpreis.

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