Corrado Augias

A Journalist, writer and TV presenter, he was born in Rome in 1935. He spent many years abroad, first in Paris and then in New York, where he was correspondent for the weekly "L'Espresso" and the daily "La Repubbica" for which he currently writes. Over the years, he presented various TV programs including "Telefono Giallo" and "Babele". He published a trilogy of novels ("Quel treno da Vienna", "Il fazzoletto azzurro"e "L'ultima primavera") where through an imaginary brother of Andra Sperelli (Gabriele D'Annunzio's literary hero) important vicissitudes of Italian history are told. As a crime writer he also published "Telefono giallo. Sette delitti quasi perfetti", "Una ragazza per la notte" and "Quella mattina di luglio". He comes back in 1998 and 199 with the essay-narratives "Il viaggiatore alato" and "Modigliani", both dealing with the italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. His series of short stories about the dark, mysterious side of some capitals of the world ("I segreti di Parigi", "I segreti di Roma") was reprinted and translated into many languages. After a psychoanalytic novel "Il lato oscuro del cuore" and a book about the charismatic figure of Pope Francis ("Tra Cesare e Dio"), in 2015 he wrote "Le ultime diciotto ore di Gesù".

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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