Domenico Starnone

A writer, scriptwriter, journlist and former teacher, he was born in Saviano in 1943. He has written cult novels about school life, from the point of view of both students and teachers. His works have been translated into Greek, French and German. He published "Il salto con le aste", the story of a child who dreams about becoming a great writer and pursues his ambitions against the Naples of the time, bad company and the ideas of others. Some of his works have been adapted for film, such as "La scuola" by Daniele Luchetti, "Auguri professore" by Riccardo Milani and "Denti" by Gabriele Salvatores. He won the Premio Strega in 2001 with "Via Gemito", the story of a Neopolitan train conductor, Federì, who faces a life filled with dissatisfaction and restraint, unloads his frustrations on his wife and eldest son, the novel's narrator. He followed it with "Labilità" (2005), "Prima esecuzione" (2007), "Spavento" (2009), "Fare scene. Una storia di cinema" (2010) "Autobiografia erotica di Aristide Gambía" (2011) and "Lacci" (2014). "Scherzetto" (2016) is the tense tale of a generational battle over the course of 72 hours, the protagonists being a grandfather, a loner who has long surrendered himself to the inevitability of things, and his young grandson, confident in the future.

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