Elisabetta Mori

Elisabetta Mori, a historical archivist at Archivio Storico Capitolino was born in Cortona on 20th September 1950. After graduating in Philosophy she wrote serialized radio programmes and collaborated with the Istituto del Teatro of 'La Sapienza' University. She has been working for The Capitoline Historical Archives, in particular reorganizing, filing and enhancing the archives of ancient Roman families. She is a member of the Etruscan Academy. In 2002 she was a Fellow at the Italian Academy of Columbia University in New York. Her publications derive from her work as an archivist. She had a chance to revisit the characters of Italian Renaissance, such as Beatrice Cenci and more recently Isabella De' Medici ("L'onore perduto di Isabella de' Medici). In 2008 she published "Giornale di Viaggio" by Giacomo Savorgnan Brazzà, neglected brother of the famous Pietro, the explorer. In 2013 she collaborated with the Italian Embassy in Congo Brazzaville to organize an exhibition on the explorer.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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