Enrico Franceschini

Enrico Franceschini is a journalist, writer and foreign correspondent for "La Repubblica": he lived in Moscow for eight years, where he was able to describe the ongoing changes in the former Soviet Union after the demise of Communism, avoiding stereotypes and providing the Italian reader with a more realistic and truthful insight of the difficult Russian situation. His awards include the Premio Europa in 1994 for his reportage on the armed revolt in the streets of Moscow. He then worked in "La Repubblica"'s editorial offices in New York, Washington, Jerusalem and is currently working in London. Acclaimed also for his works of fiction, he has now written his third novel "Fuori Stagione". In "Avevo Vent'Anni. Storia di un Collettivo Studentesco. 1977-2007" he deals with the italian events of 1977 thirty years later, looking closely at Bologna, nodal point of the "movement". In 2009 he wrote "Voglio l'America", published by Feltrinelli, the story of a small-town Italian who after graduating dreams of becoming a journalist in the USA, attracted by Bukowski's novel, De Niro's movies, the Broadway's lights, but discovering very soon that reality and fantasy do not coincide. His blog in "Repubblica.it" is called "My Tube".

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