Ex-Otago formed in Genoa in 2002 as an acoustic trio composed of Maurizio Carucci, Alberto 'Pernazza' Argentesi and Simone Bertuccini. The drummer Simone Fallani joined the group in 2004. They released their first album. "The chestnuts time" in 2002 and their second, "Tanti Saluti", in 2007. This was followed by "Mezze stagioni" in 2011 and "In capo al mondo" in 2014. 2016 saw collaborations between Ex-Otago and the Bologna-based label Garrincha Dischi and with the Turin-based label INRI. "Cinghiali incazzati", "I giovani d'oggi" "Quando sono con te" were singles taken from the album "Marassi", followed by "Gli occhi della luna" (a collaboration with Jake La Furia) and "Ci vuole molto coraggio" with Caparezza. All the songs were played on the main networks and local stations. "Marassi" was the album that brought Ex-Otago all around Italy, recording a huge number of sold out shows and growing enthusiasm from the public. A succession of dates and cities led up to the huge concert at Piazza san Giovanni in Rome on 1 May 2017 and a summer tour with 50 dates.

(photo: Ex-Otago)

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