Ferdinando Scianna

«A photograph is not created by the photographer. What the photographer does is open a small window. After that, it is the world which records itself on film. The act of the photographer is closer to reading than writing: photographers are the readers of the world». Born in Bagheria in 1943, Ferdinando Scianna took an interest in photography while studying literature and philosophy at the University of Palermo. He met the writer Leonardo Sciascia in 1963, with whom he published "Feste religiose in Sicilia" (Premio Nadar 1966), which is still one of the most valuable testimonies of Sicily and its people. He moved to Milan in 1966 where he worked for the weekly "L'Europeo" as a photojournalist and special envoy, then correspondent in Paris. Introduced by Henri Cartier-Bresson, he joined Magnum Photos in 1982. Since 1987, he has moved between reportage to portraits, fashion, landscape and advertising photography. He has also worked extensively in criticism and journalism on topics ranging from the ethics of photography and the communication of images, seen in works such as "Obiettivo ambiguo" (2001 e 2015), "Etica e fotogiornalismo" (2010) and "Lo specchio vuoto" (2014). A collaboration with the poet and writer Franco Marcoaldi led to the 2017 release of "Di Bestie e di Animali", a book composed with pen and light in celebration of the beauty of the animal world.

(photo: © Basso Cannarsa)

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