Folco Terzani

Son of the famous journalist Tiziano Terzani, who died in 2004, Folco Terzani was born in New York in 1969 and lived his childhood in many countries, following his father around. He went to various schools around the world, including a small school in Beijing. He graduated in Modern Literature in Cambridge and in Cinema in New York. After a one-year experience at the House of the Dying of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, he filmed the documentary "Il primo amore di Madre Teresa". Fascinated by Asia, he also shot a film on Himalaya Sadhu. In 2006 he edited "La fine è il mio inizio. Un padre racconta al figlio il grande viaggio della vita" (Longanesi), the posthumous book of his father, written starting from the conversations he had with him during the last months of his fascinating life.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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