Francesco Abate

Francesco Abate (Cagliari, 1964) is a journalist of the newspaper "L'Unione Sarda", a novelist and a former deejay by the stage name of Frisko. His radio experience started when he was 14 for Radio Alter, followed by Radio Città, Radio Flash, Studio 96 and Radiolina. In 1998 he published the novel "Mister Dabolina", and the following year he was awarded the Premio Solinas for "Ultima di campionato". This work was first developed as a screenplay and later adapted for the stage, performed in several Italian theaters, until it was published as a novel in 2004. In 2006 he started collaborating with the writer Massimo Carlotto: this led to "Catfish" and the novel "Mi fido di te", as well as "L'albero dei microchip". In 2012 he wrote together with the actor Valerio Mastrandrea (alias Saverio Mastofranco) the novel "Chiedo scusa". In 2013 he is still engaged in fiction with the novel "Un posto anche per me" and he participated in the no-profit publishing project "Sei per la Sardegna". In 2016 he wrote the book "Mia madre e altre catastrofi". Since 2013 he is editor of the book series 'Freschi' for Caracò Editore.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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