Franco Arminio

«We all need to write our civil novel, made up of dreams and reason. You just need to go behind the scenery, calmly measure the lights and shadows. There is no need for any preordained judgement. Things will reveal themselves for what they are». Born in 1960 in Bisaccia, Irpinia d'Oriente, where he lives and works, Franco Arminio likes to be known as a «landscapologist». The reliefs and words of his land have shaped his poetry, inspiring a tireless commitment to the defence of small towns and the collective memory of a forgotten territory. Together with his work as a photographer and documentary maker, numerous pieces in newspapers and online and the founding of projects such as La casa della Paesologia in Trevico and the La Luna e i Calanchi festival in Aiano, he has published twenty books since the 1980s, including "Vento forte tra Lacedonia e Candela" (2009), "Terracarne" (2011), "Cartoline dai morti" (2010, Premio Stephen Daedalus), "Geografia commossa dell'Italia interna" (2013) and "Nuove cartoline dai morti" (2016). Two sections of "Cedi la strada agli alberi" (2017) contain a selection of his poems.

(photo: © Leonardo Cendamo)

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