Franco Berrino

Born in 1944 in the province of Parma, he is a well-known doctor and epidemiologist. Director of the Department of Preventive and Predictive Medicin of the National Institute of Tumours in Milan, he is the author of books and scientific studies on cancer prevention. He graduated in 1969 from the University of Turin and specialized in pathological anatomy. In 2007, he was the only Italian scientist quoted in the international report "Food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of cancer". Among his most important works stands the 'Eurocare', a study on the survival and longevity of cancer patients in different European countries. A promoter of cancer registries at national and European levels, he is a staunch supporter of a «good diet» as the key to longevity and disease prevention. Among his main publications are: "Il cibo dell'uomo. La via della salute tra conoscenza scientifica e antica saggezza", a kind of practical guide to nutrition based on informed choices rather than bogus and unfounded diets, and "La grande via. Alimentazione, movimento, meditazione per una lunga vita felice, sana e creativa" (2017, with the biologist and nutritionist Luigi Fontana), a research about the correlation between longevity, healthy eating, sport and a healthy dose of peace and tranquillity. With Enrica Bortolazzi he founded the association La Grande Via.


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