Giorgio Signoretti

"When I heard the guitars of BB King, Hendrix, Jim Hall, Derek Bailey, I said: I need to play this music. It was a call to arms." A teacher by profession and musician by vocation, Giorgio Signoretti is a jazz guitarist familiar to audiences in Mantua and beyond. A charismatic artist, known by his nom de guerre 'Cigno', he has worked with a number of Italian musicians, both live and in the studio. Together with the quartet of saxophonist Beppe Castellani, in 1989 he released the album "Italian Standards", pioneering at the time, in which famous pieces of Italian music were rearranged in a jazz style. His partnership with Castellani continued into the albums "A New Page", the third chapter on Italian standards with Leveratto and Biancoli, "Rains", "Sybil" and the duo project "Tenco in sax. Un giorno dopo l'altro".

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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