Giovanni Bianconi

Giovanni Bianconi was born in Rome in 1960. A reporter and writer, he is one of the most experienced investigative journalists working on underground Italian organisation in the seventies and eighties, from the Banda della Magliana to the Nar di Giusva Fioravanti. He started his career as part of the editorial team at "Avvenire", he was a long-time editor of the newspaper "La Stampa", and he has reported on important court cases for "Corriere della sera" for many years. He has written an excellent history of the Red Brigades ("Mi dichiaro prigioniero politico", 2003) as well as other works centred on the darkest episodes from the Years of Lead, from the kidnap of Aldo Moro ("Eseguendo la sentenza", 2008) to the murder of Guido Rossa ("Il brigatista e l'operaio", 2011). In 2017, twenty-five years after the massacre of Capaci, he published "L'assedio. Troppi nemici per Giovanni Falcone".

(photo: © Giovanni Giovannetti/effigie)

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