Grammenos Mastrojeni

«I have just one objective in mind: to make everybody understand that we will be able to move away from this catastrophic collision course only by working together. After all, an ocean is nothing but a series of droplets!» Born in Milan in 1965, Grammenos Mastrojeni is an Italian diplomat. He was a UN delegate, consul in Brazil and political in Paris and Farnesina, in charge of the relations with the foreign press and chair of the website for the Foreign Ministry. He has been concentrating on the climatic change for the past twenty years and already in the 90's he predicted the link between environmental disruption and social instability, anticipating the official alarm raised in 1997 with GEO-1 Report of the Program for the Environment by the UN. A lecturer, he taught Technique of international negotiationin several universities and in 2009, the Ottawa University in Canada entrusted him the first course activated by a university on the issue of the environment, resources, conflicts and their resolution. He has collaborated with the Climate Reality Project founded by the Nobel Prize winning Al Gore.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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