Guzel' Jachina

The Russian author Guzel' Jachina (Kazan, 1977) was born and raised in the multi-ethnic Republic of Tatarstan, interiorising from a young age the family stories that have become the soul of her native land. In her first work, "Zuleika apre gli occhi", which was met with extraordinary success in Russia and won bother the Big Book Literary Award and the Jаsnaja Poljаna, the author gave voice to an unforgettable protagonist, Tartar and Muslim, deported to a Gulag in the years of Stalin's Great Terror. The book became a real literary event, being translated in twenty-four languages and will soon be adapted for television, thanks to the way in which Gusel managed to deal with such a powerful theme as the tragic disappearance of the Russian peasant: «I wanted to tell a human story, "she said", against the backdrop of a bigger story, but what I was interested in was the way in which a human being lived through a complete changee».

(photo: © Basso Cannarsa)

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