Harry Parker

Harry Parker, born in 1983, is the son of a British general who was deputy commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan. In 2003, at just 23, he enlisted in the British Army. Later, with the rank of captain in the 4th Battalion "Rifles", he served in Iraq in 2007 and in Afghanistan in 2009. It is here that, during a patrol, he lost both legs due to a landmine explosion. After a long period of hospitalisation and rehabilitation, he took leave with honour in 2013 and, since then, he has lived in London, where he devotes himself to writing and drawing. "Anatomy of a Soldier" is a brilliant debut book in which the English novelist and ex-soldier reconstructs the decisive moments of a soldier's life, relying on the voice of the objects that often testify to them (a grenade, a back pack, a prosthesis, etc.) in all their scope.

(photo: © Giliola Chistè)

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