Jeffrey Schnapp

Architecture, the visual arts, comparative literature, the history of advertising, publishing and ideas: there are numerous areas of interest for the Italianist, designer and cultural historian Jeffrey T. Schnapp and they have led him to write about Dante's poetics, curate exhibitions and books on the relationship between industry, media and propaganda in the Fascist era (18BL. Mussolini e l'opera d'arte di massa", "Anno 10. La Mostra della rivoluzione fascista del 1932"), as well as on the impact of graphic art in mass society during the twentieth century ("L'arte del manifesto politico, 1914-1989"). Before moving to Harvard in 2011, where he teaches Romantic and Comparative Literature, he was part of the Graduate School of Design and co-director of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Schnapp founded and led the Stanford Humanities Lab at Stanford University and was the holder of the Pierotti Chair of Italian Studies. For Mondadori, he has edited a critical edition of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti's dramatic works; he has also curated two catalogues on the work of the engineer and inventor Gaetano Ciocca and the Rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni. He published "FuturPiaggio" in 2016, an ambitious telling of the story of a group that has marked the history of mobility and design.

(photo: Official Website)

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