Joby Warrick

The Pulitzer prize winning journalist Joby Warrick (1960) is one of the leading contributors to the "Washington Post" and he has written about international terrorism, homeland security, the environment and the Middle East for the newspaper since 1996. Together with Melanie Sill and Pat Stith, he was awarded a Pulitzer for Public Service thanks to a series of articles in the "The News & Observer" regarding the environmental and health risks of waste disposal systems used in North Carolina. Following his investigations in Afghanistan, he released the book "The Triple Agent" (2011), the tale of the tragic attack at Cam Chapman which took the life of seven CIA agents in 2009. He won a second Pulitzer in 2016 with "Black Flags. The Rise of ISIS", a work which starts with an analysis of the strategic mistakes made during and after the Second Gulf War in Iraq and some confidential information, reconstructs the dramatic ascent of one of the world's most feared terrorist groups. The book is in the process of being turned into a series by Bradley Cooper for HBO.

(photo: Twitter @JobyWarrick)

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