Jonas Hassen Khemiri

Born in Stockholm in 1979, he has written four novels, a short story collection, plays and essays. His father, Abbas Khemiri, immigrated to Sweden from Tunisia, and the story of his life is the subject of the remarkable "Montecore: The Silence of the Tiger", a fictional biography in which the Swedish writer traces out a sort of behind the scenes portrait of his father. Also noted as a playwright ("writing for the theatre," he declared in an interview, "is fun and I think of it as taking a break from 'real' writing."), Khemiri has placed the intricate linguistic and cultural crossroads of contemporaneity at the centre of his comedies, as well as complex family stories. His works, translated in 23 countries, starting from the bestseller " Ett öga rött" (2003) have won prizes such as the Augustpriset, the PO Enquist Prize and the Swedish Radio Prize for Best Novel of the Year. "Everything I Don't Remember" (2016), praised by the likes of Joyce Carol Oates, is a wistful puzzle of evidence trying to reconstruct the life of a young boy, Samuel, and his tragic death.

(photo: Official Website)

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