José Eduardo Agualusa

António Lobo Antunes has defined him as "unquestionably the most important author writing in Portuguese of his generation" and José Eduardo Angalusa (Huambo, 1960) has excelled in many branches of literatures, from journalism and drama to the novel. From Angola, he studied agronomy and forestry in Lisbon and began working with the newspaper "Publico". He soon discovered that journalism was not for him («I think I haven't done quite so well as a journalist because I have a great tendency to invent things») but he didn't completely abandon the printed word, writing a weekly column for the Brazilian newspaper "O Globo". His first book published in Italy was "L'incredibile e vera storia di D. Nicolau Âgua-Rosada" (1992); the most recent "Teoria generale dell'oblio" (2017), in which the theme of the loneliness and isolation of a young girl (Ludo) is framed by the Angolan war of independence. In his books, which have been translated into 25 languages, Agualusa has always been able to mix characters and situations that are more alive and real than ever with natural and clear atmospheres. «I right in a natural way, without thinking about it», he asserted, «a bit like when you dance naturally, because if you start thinking about how to do it, you stop doing it». He currently lives between Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and Luanda.

(photo: © Leonardo Cendamo)

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