Lars Mytting

«Decisive, strong, serene. He is the true lord of wood», wrote Marco Belpoliti in "Repubblica", and this definition certainly corresponds to Lars Mytting (Favang, 1968), writer and journalist known all over the world for the publishing phenomenon "Norwegian Wood" (2016), a manual on how to cut and stack wood that brought the ancient art of the woodcutter back into the limelight. Through wood, Mytting has managed to speak in an unprecedented way about the peoples of Northern Europe, their innate patience and the great love they have for nature, a veritable "zen lesson" detachment from everyday life. The book, which has been translated into sixteen languages and rewarded with a shower of accolades, is also effectively the author's autobiography, inseparable from his passion: his love for wood dates to his childhood and was handed down to him by elderly neighbours, able to overcome gloom and calm down only after stacking wood. Thanks to this teaching, Lars began making constructions with small cubes; and if he loved fire as a teenager, he now appreciates the peace and serenity of nature. In 2017, he released the novel "The Sixteen Trees of the Somme", awarded by the Norwegian Booksellers Association.

(photo: © Julie Pike - Official Website)

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