Lella Costa

After studying Literature and recieving a degree from the Accademia di Filodrammatici (Amateur Theatre Company), Lella Costa debuted as a professional actress in 1980 with the monologue "Repertorio, cioè l'orfana e il reggicalze". This was the beginning of a career that gave her many opportunities to meet contemporary authors and to work passionately for the radio, as well as in cabaret-theatres. This last activity brought her an enormous success and made her one of the most popular actresses in Italy. In 1987 she debuted with "Adlib", a monologue with which she also began her career as an author; followed by "Coincidenze", "Malsottile", "Magoni", (original music by Ivano Fossati), "La daga nel loden", "Stanca di Guerra" (written in collaboration with Alessandro Baricco), "Un'altra Storia" (directed by Gabriele Vacis) and finally "Precise Parole" and "Traviata" also directed by Vacis. Her two most recent shows, "Alice. Una meraviglia di paese" and "Amleto", were directed by Giorgio Gallione with music by Stefano Bollani. In february 2011 she debuted with the pièce "Arie". She is co-writer of many of her plays together with Massimo Cirri e Giorgio Gallione and she alternates her theatre work with rare but significant and successful appearances on television and radio programmes. At the same time she maintains her community commitment with Emergency, a non-profit association.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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