Leonardo Becchetti

A full professor of political economy at the Faculty of Economy in Rome 'Tor Vergata' and director of the advanced course in European Economics and Business Law and of the Masters' MESCI in Development and International Cooperation, Leonardo Becchetti (Rome, 1965), is among the top 70 in the world in terms of the number of pages published in international journals according to REPEC world rankings (March 2014). A former member of the Presidential Council of the Società Italiana degli Economisti between 2011-2013, of the Comitato Esecutivo di Econometica, of AICCON and of the ethics committee Banca Etica from 2005 until 2014, he now chairs the ethics committee of 'Etica sgr', the leader in ethical investment funds in Italy. He has written numerous essays, including "Il mercato siamo noi" (2013), "Winkieconomia" (2014) and "Capire l'economia in sette passi" (2016), as well as serving as chairman of the scientific committee of "Next", "a civil society association and seeks to bring human dignity and environmental protection to the attention of companies" – and editor of the site "www.benecomune.net". For "la Repubblica" he writes the blog "La felicità sostenibile". "The risk for us economists", he wrote in his recent "Cambiare il mondo", «is to be locked in an ivory tower, thinking about beautiful which then just stay where they are. Together, every day, through exchanging information, content and observations online, we can build a huge common good, a different economy that is growing rapidly but steadily thanks to our grassroots initiative and to our everyday choices as citizens-consumers: voting with our wallets.»

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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