Luciana Mantero

An Argentinian journalist, she was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. She collaborates with various radio and TV stations, as well as non-governmental organisations. Her debut came in 2002, when her country was in the midst of an economic crisis, she closely followed the social, political and artistic phenomenon of the 'editoriales cartoneras' (books made from recycled materials)and she took part in the preparation of the volume Cartoneros (Ed. Norma, 2003). 2011 saw the release of "Margarita Barrientos, una crónica sobre la pobreza, el poder y la solidaridad" (2011)winning a special mention at the Premio Estímulo TEA for youth journalism. The work, the result of dozens of interviews and meticulous reporting, rebuilds the events that led Margarita Barrientos to become one of the most famous and courageous Latin American activists. She won the Premio Adepa for journalism in 2013 for journalism, in the category "social solidarity". 2015 saw the released of "El deseo más grande del mundo", translated in Italy in 2017: «a book with dramatic vitality», in the words of Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, which comes from the author's experience who, along with nine other women, speaks about pregnancy loss and the painful renunciation of the desire to become a mother.

(photo: Twitter @lumantero)

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