The Ludosofici formed in 2010 through a collaboration between Ilaria Rodella and Francesco Mapelli. After graduation, the pair began holding philosophy workshops aimed at children «in the belief of the need to provide little ones with the necessary tools to think independently, to look at the reality around the with different eyes and to relate to new perspectives and points of view». Working with a group of friends and collaborators, the Ludosofici have also developed a number of special projects aimed at people of all ages, from "Vero o falso? Forse" to "La filosofia del mondo" (project created with the BES School in Milan and Michela Dezzani. They held the urban philosophy festival "A spasso con Sofia" in Milan in 2015, an itinerary that included spaces, museums, neighbourhoods, squares and people in the city, and its third edition was held in 2017. In the past, they have worked with museums such as Mart in Rovereto and design studios like Lino's Type, according to a broad and pragmatic philosophy, drawing inspiration from the visual arts, music, 3D printers, colour and the most diverse opportunities for discussion.

(photo: Official Website)

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