Magali Bonniol

Born in 1976 and raised in Provence, the French illustrator Magali Bonniol, despite acknowledging Tove Jansson as her great teacher and the one who had the most impact on her childhood imagination, defines herself as self-taught, with clean lines and a minimalist style. It is mostly the liveliness of children that intrigues and excites her, their expressions and their gestures. For her stories, Bonniol is often inspired by her own childhood memories, spent playing in the nature of Provence. Often drawing them from life, Bonniol filled her books with sketches of children, until she published her first picture books "Pipi dans l'erbe" and "Rien faire" in 2000. These were followed by around thirty books, often filled with poetry and loving attention to the little things, always looking for the essence in complexity. The release of "Cornabicorna" in 2005 marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Pierre Bertrand, whose words were illustrated by Bonniol in both of Pierre's adventures with the wicked witch. When she is not illustrating children's books, she spends her time sculpturing, engraving and animating, always with great sensitivity and subtlety.

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