Magdalena Barile

Magdalena Barile lives in Milan where she works as theatre and TV playwright. She writes plays for various companies including Animanera (Milano), Accademia degli Artefatti (Rome), Attodue/Murmuris (Florence), Charioteer Theatre (Scotland). Her most recent works include "One Day" (2010), "Lait" (2011), "Fine Famiglia" (2011), "Senza Famiglia" (2012), "Piombo" (2013), "La Moda e la Morte" (2014) "Il migliore dei mondi possibili" (2015), inspired by Voltaire's "Candide". Some of her texts have been translated into English, French, German, Swedish and Russian. With the play "Lait (Light Killer)" she made her debut at 2014 Edinburgh's Fringe Festival then staged at Piccolo Teatro di Milano. She collaborates as author and scriptwriter with RSI (Swissh Italian TV) and wrote the scripts of many Italian programs such as "Albero Azzurro" (Rai due), "Camera Cafè" (Italia Uno), "Bye Bye Cindarella" (La5). She teaches dramaturgy at Civica Scuola of theatre Paolo Grassi in Milan and at Holden School in Turin.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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