Marcello Fois

A prolific narrator, with frequent forays into radio, drama and television writing, Marcello Fois (Nuoro, 1960) made his debut in 1992 with "Ferro recente", tense and relentless noir filled with twists and contradictions. He won the Premio Calvino with "Picta" (1995) and the Premio Dessì with "Nulla"; he was also awarded the Premio Scerbanenco for "Sempre caro" and in 2002, the Premio Fedeli for "Dura madre". In 2007, with the novel "Memoria del vuoto", he won the Premio Super Grinzane Cavour for Italian fiction, the Premio Volponi and the Premio Alassio 100 libri. From 2009 until today – with the exception of "L'importanza dei luoghi comuni" (2013), a type of kammerspiel featuring two sisters at their father's bedside – his most ambitious work is undoubtedly the epic novel centred on the vicissitudes of the Chironi family, a story that starts with "Stirpe" (winner of the Premio Vigevano and the Premio Città di Montefeltro), moving onto "Nel tempo di mezzo" – selected for the Campiello 2012 – ending with the novel "Luce perfetta" (2015), the third and final chapter of the saga. In 2016 he published "Manuale di lettura creativa" and in 2017 the new noir "Del dirsi addio". Alongside his writing work, Fois is also promoter of writing and of young writers: since its founding he has been the artistic director of the Festival L'Isola delle Storie, which marks its 14th year in 2017.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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