Marco Baliani

Actor, author and director, in 1989 he gave life to narrative theatre with the show "Kolhass", taken from the famous short story by Heinrich von Kleist. In his artistic career, he has experimented with choral drama, creating shows and events for many actors, including "Come gocce di una fiumana" (Premio IDI for direction) and "Antigone delle città", a show on civil commitment during the Bologna massacre. He directed the project 'I Porti del Mediterraneo', with actors from several Mediterranean countries and, together with the humanitarian organisation Amref, he created a project aimed at helping street children in Nairobi, making the shows"Pinocchio Nero" and "L'amore buono". For film, he has been directed by renowned figures such as Francesca Archibugi, Roberto Andò, Saverio Costanzo, Cristina Comencini and Mario Martone. Among his publications for Rizzoli: "Corpo di stato. Il delitto Moro" (2003), "Nel Regno di Acilia" (2004), "La metà di Sophia" (2008) and "L'occasione" (2013). «The birth of a story, we read in the recent "Ogni volta che racconta una storia" (Laterza, 2017), remains a mystery, we only know that there will always be the same elements needed to compose it, a voice, a body, attentive eyes and ears and the space and time to live it. Only when all this is done does the magic of narration begin».

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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