Marianne Barcilon

After her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bordeaux, the Parisian illustrator, Marianne Barcilon, born in 1969, worked for many years in animation for advertising as a production assistant. At a certain point, she realised that she had a «terrible desire to illustrate children's books» and the enthusiasm with which she launched herself into the world of children's publishing remains when choosing which books to illustrate, reaching readers young and old. Finished with watercolour and pencil, the details of expression and full figures of her works refer to the many inspirations that came from her childhood imagery (Maurice Sendak, Tomi Ungerer, " The Muppet Show", "Le petit Nicolas" by Goscinny and Sempé, Beatrix Potter), Barcilon's universe continues expanding in constant dialogue with the girl that she was: Lisbeth Zwerger and Hayao Miyazaki are models that she got to know as an adult, but the world that contributes most is that of the little girl who loved drawing and to whom, say Barcilon, «deep down, I don't feel that different».

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