Martin Pollack

Martin Pollack was born in 1944 in Bad Hall and lives in Burgerland and Vienna. A writer and journalist, he is a giant of reportage narrative, and one of the greatest living Austrian intellectuals. Former correspondent from Vienna and Warsaw for "Spiegel" between 1987 and 1998, he read Slavic studies and the history of Eastern Europe, translated works by the journalist Ryszard Kapuściński from Polish into German and wrote essays such as "Der Tote im Bunker. Bericht über meinen Vater" in which he was able to contend with the ghosts of empires and nationalism around Europe, staring with the lives (and shadows) of his relatives. Similar examinations of the past are found in "Kontaminierte Landschaften" (2016) and "Nach Galizien" (2017), two trips in the heart of the Old Continent united by the desire to bring forth spaces and experiences of unnamed victims and countries that have disappeared from the maps from oblivion. «We live in contaminated landscapes – asserted the author – so we must be always ready, working in the fields or in the woods, hiking, to bump into something that at first glance we can't decipher. But a closer look reveals it to be a testimony of recent history».

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