Massimo Ammaniti

Massimo Ammaniti (Roma, 1941) is an Italian academic and psychoanalyst specialised in developmental psychology. Father of the author Niccolò Ammaniti, with whom he wrote the book "Nel nome del figlio" (1995), he has over 200 scientific publications to his name and has, for decades, held the chair of Development Psychopathology at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology of the University of Rome 'La Sapienza'. He works or has worked with the boards and scientific committees of various magazines and associations, and has placed the emotional dynamics in relation to motherhood and education, the relationships between parents and children in infancy and adolescence and the role of the family in contemporary society at the centre of his research In 2017, he wrote "La curiosità non invecchia", an essay in which, inspired by the testimonies of brilliant octogenarian and nonagenarian protagonists of Italian political and cultural life, he demonstrated how old age, when stripped of the stereotypes that identify it as a terminal stage of the body and mind, can instead constitute an inexhaustible mine of projects, surprises and emotional and intellectual further.

(photo: © Giliola Chistè)

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