Maurizio Ferraris

Maurizio Ferraris (1956) is professor of Theoretical Philosophy at Turin University where he also supervises the LabOnt. He has published about forty books including "Differenze. La filosofia francese dopo lo strutturalismo" (1981); "Storia dell'ermeneutica" (1988); "Nietzsche e la filosofia del Novecento" (1989); "Postille a Derrida", (1990); "Mimica". Lutto e autobiografia da Agostino a Heidegger" (1992); "Estetica razionale" (1997); "Il mondo esterno" (2001), "Goodbye Kant!" (2004) which in just a few months was reprinted four times. His studies mainly deal with Hermeneutics Theory and History, 17th Century Aesthetics and General Theory of Aesthetics as phenomenological ontology and perception psychology. With his philosophical research he has contributed to the re-elaboration of hermeneutical positions with a view to elaborating a new definition of aesthetics and phenomenological issues paying special attention to the theory of imagination and perception psychology.

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