Mauro Covacich

Originally from Trieste, he lives and works in Pordenone. He writes for various dailies, in particular for "Corriere della Sera", writing articles and news. He made his debut in the publishing world with his investigative book ""Storia di pazzi e di normali" (1993) and with the volumes "Colpo di Lama" ( 1995) and "Mal d'autobus" (1997), but he was acclaimed with "Anomalie" in 1998, a collection of eleven short stories, crediting him as a master of the short story. Then he published "La poetica dell'Unabomber" (1999), "L'amore contro" (2001), "A perdifiato (2003), "Fiona" (2005) and many more stories. In 1999 The University of Vienna awarded him the Abraham Wounsell Prize. In 2015 he came within the five finalists of Premio Strega thanks to "La sposa", a book along the same lines as "Anomalie".

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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