Michele Di Sivo

Michele Di Sivo (Rome,1957) works at the Rome State Archives, where he teaches Paleography and Diplomatics at the School of Archives and is responsible for private and judicial collections. He has held courses, master's classes and conferences on archiving, the methodology of historical research and judicial and family sources from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. A curator of inventories, reorganisations, exhibitions and publications, he has coordinated research groups and has been editor of the "Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani" (2004-2010). He has written mostly of inquisitorial justice of the old regime, especially of the pontifical kind, but he has recently been tackling the twentieth century. Former editor of the "Dizionario Biografico" Treccani for Lorenzo Milani, he has also been involved in proceedings at the Corte d'Assise in Rome to prepare the passage of materials from procedural to historical. In this context, he has also worked on the restoration and the critical edition of the memorial to Aldo Moro written during his kidnapping, as well as the witchcraft trials from the collection of the Court of the Governor of Rome during the sixteenth century.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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