Michele Mari

Michele Mari, born in Milan in 1955, is a philologist, poet and writer. He teaches Italian literature at Università Statale in Milan and is a comic strip and pop culture fan. In his novels, the theme of childhood is often present, as well as youth, as a moment to cherish, the obsession of a non-lived life, of literature as a substitute for life, of memory and its mechanisms. His extremely complex literary style can be linked to that of Carlo Emilio Gadda, Tommaso Landolfi and Giorgio Manganelli and abroad in Louis-Ferdinand Céline. In the short story "Verderame", Mari adopts an investigative structure with hints of horror and an ambiguous supernatural ending. The novel won the Grinzane Cavour Prize and was followed by "Cento poesie d'amore a Ladyhawk" (2007), "Rosso Floyd" (2010), the micro-stories of "Fantasmagonia" (2012) and "Roderick Duddle" (2014) «a Dickens- style novel, set in a 19th century England» (Antonella Falco). In 2012, he translated Robert L. Stevenson's "Treasure Island" into Italian and "Return to Treasure Island" by Andrew Motion.

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