Olja Savičević

«Those who are really interested in Croatia, or south east Europe in general, won't find the truth in tourist guides or mainstream media, but in books». These are the words of Olja Savičević Ivančević, author of novels and poems that have been able to paint, in a few images and thousands of word games, a contemporary Croatia and its human landscapes, suspended between the legacies of the Yugoslav war and an increasingly disorienting present. Born in Split in 1974, Savičević writes columns in various newspapers and websites and have also authored theatrical adaptations and original dramas. Her works have been translated into thirteen languages, including the international best-seller "Adio kauboju" ("Adios, Cowboy"), a "dazzling, funny and deadly serious novel" ("The Guardian") which is able to move between the degraded outskirts of Split and the surreal tourist walkways of Dalmatia with depth, anarchy and irreverence.

(photo: facebook @oljasavicevicivancevic)

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