Pablo d'Ors

«I seldom conceive my books from a plot or character; rather, I prefer to start from worlds that I feel the need to explore, mostly for urgencies related to my biography: the world of the museum, for example, or the asylum, or wandering, or the desert». Born in Madrid in 1963, Pablo D'Ors studied in New York, Vienna, Prague and Rome. In 1991, he was ordained as a priest and he received a doctorate in Theology in 1996. The journey and meditation have marked much of his literary work and his spiritual life, leading him to make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, to cross the Sahara Desert and to stay on Mount Athos. In 2014, after meeting the Jesuit Franz Jalics, he founded the Amigos del Desierto foundation with the aim of promoting the practice of meditation. In the same year, Pope Francis made him a consultant of the Pontifical Council for Culture. He debuted as a writer in 2000 with the short story collection "El estreno", much appreciated by critics, and "Las ideas puras," a novel which was a finalist for the Herralde Prize. "Avventure dello stampatore Zollinger" (2010) was his first book translated into Italian and it was the inspiration for the play of the same name by Matteo Codignola and Roberto Abbiati. Some of his other works released in Italy are "Il debutto" (2012), "Biografia del silenzio" (2014), "L'amico del deserto" (2015), "Sendino muore" (2015) and "L'oblio di sé" (2016), a epistolary biography on blessed Charles de Foucauld.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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