Paolo Pejrone

Paolo Pejrone was born in Turin in 1941. An architect, landscaper and gardener, after graduating from the Polytechnic in his hometown, he became a pupil of Russell Page and attended the studio of Roberto Burle Marx, in Rio de Janeiro. From 1970 onwards, he worked in Italy, France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Greece, England and Germany as a garden designer. He has worked with Condé Nast for twenty years, and numerous other newspapers and journals. He wrote the column "Fiori e giardini" for "Tuttolibri", the weekly supplement to "La Stampa", from 1999 to 2006; since 2005, he has edited the "Il giardino delle ortiche" column in "VilleGiardini"; he has had a column in "Tuttoscienze", the scientific insert to "La Stampa" since 2007, and another in "Specchio". He is a founding member of Aiapp (Associazione Italiana di Architettura del Paesaggio), president of the Accademia piemontese del giardino, and creator of the exhibition/market 'Tre giorni per il giardino', organised each spring by FAI. «I think there is an important relationship between 'making gardens' and protecting the landscape,' he said in an interview. "The creation of a miniature landscape garden can even help you understand the problems of the macro-landscape».

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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